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Moissanite Education

Why Choose Moissanites?

Moissanites were originally discovered from a meteoroid crater in 1893, by a French scientist named Dr Henri Moissan. Ethically produced and not mined, Moissanite is now made through advanced technology in laboratories, where they are crafted to be resilient, without fading in Fire, Lustre, or brilliance over time. That spark you see reflecting in the light? How comforting is it to know that it wasn’t made at a cost to the environment. 

What you might also like to know is that on the MOHs Scale, diamonds score a 10, Moissanites score a 9.25, followed by Sapphire, which are scored at 9. 

While being the second hardest gemstone, yet completely diverse and ethical, Moissanites bring a new approach to the wedding and jewellery industry.

Toi Et Moi aims to reflect this modern diversity in all our adventures.


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